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Suggested Benefits of Ingredients Based On Studies

  • Contains ingredient WellTrim® iG IGOB131, a clinically tested authentic Irvingia (African mango) seed extract with studies to suggest that it may support healthy weight management strategies.
  • Contains 700 mg of high quality black tea
  • Research suggests that the ingredients in TLS Trim Tea may support healthy weight management strategies.
  • May help curb appetite
  • May promote a feeling of fullness
  • Research on WellTrim suggests that it might help support leptin and adiponectin
  • WellTrim may help support metabolic balance and wellness
  • WellTrim has been reported to help maintain normal blood sugar levels
  • WellTrim has been reported to help maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • May help support cardiovascular health

Product Classifications

Gluten-Free – the finished product contains no detectable gluten (<10ppm gluten)

Drinkable Supplements– easy-to-swallow supplements in liquid form that are immediately available to the body for absorption

Why choose TLS Trim Tea?

TLS Trim Tea is a great gluten-free herbal supplement to add in your daily diet, if you are looking for a simple and convenient way to help to achieve your diet and lifestyle health goals. Our easy-to-use sachets, allow you to grab when you are on the go, making life easier.

Containing WellTrim® iG (Irvingia Gabonensis/African mango) and black tea extract, TLS Trim Tea uses a three-pronged approach to help support weight management strategies, targeting: satiety, appetite control and metabolic balance. While there are other weight management competitors on the global market that use WellTrim® iG, most of them do not offer a product in the form of a tea.

Patented and GRAS affirmed, WellTrim® iG is a natural, clinically tested seed extract that may support your weight management strategies and may help support metabolic wellness. Research studies suggest that it might also help promote feelings of fullness. Alongside WellTrim® iG, black tea extract enhances TLS® Trim Tea, as it contains antioxidants that have been shown to help support cardiovascular health.

Most teas on the market today require two to three daily servings – one serving in the morning and another in the evening. TLS® Trim Tea is a powerful formula that only recommends one single daily serving. Traditionally, many slimming teas on the market often induce a laxative effect, which is a quick fix rather than a sustainable solution for long-term weight management. TLS® Trim Tea contains ingredients that studies show are specifically designed to help support effective weight management.

TLS® Trim Tea contains WellTrim which studies suggest may help curb appetite and may help support metabolic balance and wellness to help promote healthy weight management strategies. Grab our easy-to-use sachets with you when you’re on the go and enjoy hot or cold.

The video below is designed for institutional purpose only, where its standards were created under USA regulations, therefore, some products may not be available or information may not be in alignment with your country and/or region. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should consult your physician before beginning this or any other weight-management programme.

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Black Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis): 700 mg
Camellia sinensis is a plant used to produce various types of teas, including black tea, green tea, and oolong tea. The teas differ based on the fermentation process. Black tea uses fermented leaves, oolong tea uses partially fermented leaves, and green tea uses unfermented leaves. Due to these differential fermentation processes, black tea and green tea have different chemical constituents.

Polyphenols – such as catechins, thearubigins, and theaflavins— are abundant in black tea and thought to be responsible for many of its benefits. Black tea also contains tannins.

WellTrim® iG (IGOB131®) African mango (Irvingia gabonensis) Seed Extract: 300 mg
WellTrim iG is a clinically-studied extract of African mango, also known as Irvingia gabonensis. The African mango trees can be found throughout farms and tropical forests of Central and Western Africa. African mango is a traditional West African culinary fruit kernel in which the mucilage (a glycoprotein) is used to make traditional soups, such as Ogbono. WellTrim® iG is an authentic, patented, GRAS affirmed, clinically-tested irvingia seed extract that may support healthy weight management strategies.

Leptin is a hormone involved with hunger signals. Research has shown leptin levels to be elevated in those who are overweight. Irvingia gabonensis may help support leptin.

Studies have shown Irvingia gabonensis also supports levels of the hormone adiponectin, a hormone closely related to glucose regulation/insulin sensitivity. Adiponectin levels are inversely related to body fat percentage; the greater the levels of adiponectin, the lower the percentage of fat.

By supporting leptin and adiponectin, Irvingia has the potential to help control hunger, help maintain normal blood sugar balance and support metabolic wellness. There are two published human clinical studies and that have shown effects of Irvingia gabonensis for areas including appetite control, weight management and metabolic wellness. Significant improvements in weight management and metabolic wellness variables occurred in both studies.

WellTrim® iG is a trademark of Icon Group, LLC.
IGOB131® is a trademark of Gateway Health Alliances, Inc. and is protected under U.S. Patent 7,537,790.


What is the difference between green tea extract and black tea extract?
Though they come from the same camellia sinensis plant, black tea is different from green tea in its process. Black tea leaves are aged more and allowed to fully oxidise, unlike green tea which is not processed as long. Because of the difference in processing, they support health in different ways.

How do I take TLS® Trim Tea?
Mix one sachet with 177 ml (6 fl. oz.) of hot or cold water. Trim Tea is most effective if taken 30-60 minutes before a meal, but not required. You may use more or less water depending on preference of tea taste.

How often should I drink Trim Tea?
As a food supplement, take once daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

What products can I use in conjunction with TLS® Trim Tea?
All TLS products available on SHOP.COM or GLOBAL.SHOP.COM can be used in conjunction with the Trim Tea. 

How long should I use Trim Tea?
While everyone’s body and weight management journey is different, a clinical study showed overall improvements with the use of WellTrim® iG over a 10-week period.

What does Trim Tea taste like? 
Trim Tea tastes like a very potent, clean black tea.

Is Trim Tea caffeinated?
It is equivalent to a standard cup of black tea and can vary in caffeine due to it being a natural product and not standardised.

How does it differ from slimming teas on the market?
Slimming teas often induce a laxative effect, which is a quick fix rather than a sustainable solution for long-term weight management. TLS® Trim Tea is a tea specifically designed to support effective, lasting weight management strategies.

Are there any warnings for this product?
If you are currently taking a prescription medication or have an ongoing medical condition, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.


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